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Pula PROfessional

Pula PROfessional is the accompanying programme of Pula Film Festival, where lectures, discussions and other interactive events bring together students and professionals from the audiovisual field of Croatia and Europe.

Pula PROfessional wishes to be the central place of coming together, meeting new people and exchanging good practices for audiovisual professionals in South East Europe.

Pula PROfessional 2017
The goal of the Pula PROfessional programme for 2017 will be to bring together audiovisual professionals and students, in order to analyse successful practices of introducing and promoting films to the public, and to analyse the life of a film following the premiere. A series of lectures by top film professionals will emphasise the importance of strategic planning of the marketing process and of developing PR techniques in the audiovisual industry, with special emphasis on feature-length and short film. The discussions will cover topics such as new distribution channels and the transformation they have seen over the last twenty years, and there will be several case studies as well.

Panels discussions will focus on the importance and role of promotion and admissions, and provide an overview of the possibilities for promoting films in Croatian and European media environment.



Each year, the lectures are organised to cover a specific topic, and the lecturers are select professionals, but also professors from colleges and universities.

The goal of the panel discussions is to inspire exchange of opinions and ideas on topical issues in the audiovisual sector among the panelists and guests of the Festival.

As part of the Pula PROfessional programme, there will be book promotions and promotions of in culture, with emphasis on film art.

The Young Cinephiles project has been organised for a number of years as part of Pula Film Festival, bringing together all young and future professionals of the audiovisual sector, film enthusiasts and lovers of the seventh art - with the goal of consuming and thinking about film. Young cinephiles watch films, they talk to film crews, meet authors and producers from all over Europe, they write and publish their film reviews, take part in lectures, enjoy the Festival and also award the Young Cinephiles Award!

Each year, Pula PROfessional focuses on a certain topic from the audiovisual sector. The lecturers are top professionals who come from the field that the programme focuses on that particular year. These are mostly guests of Pula Film Festival who take part in the work of some of the juries or guests who have been invited to the Festival specifically as lecturers.

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